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Kınalıada is an island of monasteries and it was an exile for emperors and empresses, among which there was Rornanos Diogenes, the Commander-in-Chief of the Byzantine armies. Rornanos Diogenes who suffered defeat in 1071 in Malazgirt battle against the Seljuks was taken as prisoner by Sultan Alpaslan. Consequently, on his return he was punished by being confined in a monastery he had built on Kınalıada until his death and was buried there. His grave is in the Greek church. Like the other islands, Kınalıada also had various names through the history; most common one was "Proty". Kınalıada has little green areas but plentiful beaches. It is possible to swim there where one gets off the boat. Unlike other islands, there are no phaetons here. Transportation is made by walking, cycling or by sea.